1 October – International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day in Melbourne

It is the International Coffee Day on October 1st. The day is highly celebrated across the world as an occasion to celebrate coffee as a beverage. There are various occurrences everywhere across the world, with Melbourne being one such place. It was on October 1st, the International Coffee Organisation started celebrating coffee as an occasion worldwide. The occasion would also raise awareness of the plight of the coffee growers. 

It is on this day the coffee supporters roast, grind, percolate, and drink the magic of these coffee beans. Celebrating its popularity and goodness, the people of Melbourne own the celebration. As Melbourne is the coffee capital of the world, the region has over a dozen independent roasters, with Victoria being the best supplier. On October 1st, you can now explore the varied opportunities to visit the coffee roasteries of Melbourne via tours. There are available private tours through the regions of Yarra Valley and other prime coffee plantation locations of the region. 

Just like the Yarra Valley Wine tasting tours, you can explore the best coffee in the region of Melbourne. From visiting the best of the roasteries, you will get the ideal serve of the grind of your choice alongside the stunning view of the region. So, when thinking of exploring coffee culture, visiting Melbourne on the annual International Coffee Day is a must. In this global coffee celebration, the real essence of the journey of coffee from the farms to the local shops gets honoured. 

It is these men and women who grow and harvest coffee that are truly honoured and brought to the attention of the globe. In the following, you can further explore Melbourne as a coffee capital and the must-try coffee variants for the celebration. 

What makes Melbourne coffee so popular? 

The secret to the Melbourne coffee is the water they use while making it. The Melbournians know what good coffee tastes like. Mostly, the drinking water of Melbourne comes from the high Yarra ranges, which gets naturally filtered. Melbourne is also one of the few places in the world with protected catchments. It helps produce their iconic high-quality water, which makes the drinking water taste great directly from the tap. Hence, this helps you enjoy an excellent cup of coffee every day right in Melbourne, making it highly popular.

Must try this International Coffee Day in Melbourne

  • The Espresso Martini: 

Espresso martinis are quite popular amongst the masses. When on a tour across Melbourne exploring the best of coffee, tasting the iconic espresso martini is a must. While exploring the Yarra Valley Winery tour, you can opt for the espresso martinis alongside quality food and some wine. As espresso martini combines vodka, espresso, and coffee liqueur, making it a delight and a must-try. 

  • Local brew: 

Melbourne has an excellent coffee culture. From white lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites and piccolo lattes are a must try. But exceptionally, the piccolo latte made using less milk makes the espresso taste stronger and unique. Hence making it an unavoidable local favourite. 

  • Indulging into a coffee and wine tour: 

If you are planning to have the best caffeine experience followed by a wine-tasting tour, then Melbourne is the perfect spot. You can explore the popular cafes in Melbourne serving the best freshly brewed coffee of your choice. Later, followed by overnight wine tours in Yarra Valley. With this, you can enjoy the best of coffee and experience the magic of wine from the sensational wineries of Yarra Valley, which is just an hour’s drive from Melbourne.

Thus, these are some of the must-tries when it comes to experiencing the best coffee in Melbourne. So, this International Coffee Day, book a tour across the iconic coffee roasteries of Melbourne to have the best caffeinated experience.

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