Yarra Valley Wine Dogs, What Are They?

Have you ever heard about YARRA VALLEY WINE DOGS? Well, if you haven’t, you’re in for the cutest thing you’ve read all day!

Yes, dogs around the world play critical roles in wineries and vineyards, and it’s about time we talk about them. What’s the role of dogs in wineries, and why are winemakers so in love with their canine friends? Here’s all you need to know about it.

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YARRA VALLEY WINE DOGS are Vines’ Best Friends

Vineyards are constantly threatened by rodents, birds and even an intruder or two now and then. And just like your dog keeps your home safe, YARRA VALLEY WINE DOGS can protect large plots of land thanks to their extraordinary senses.

YARRA VALLEY WINE DOGS are efficient security guards in farms and wineries worldwide, and they enjoy the fresh air as much as their owners, but there are many other ways dogs help those involved in the wine world. We’d like you to meet our very own wine dog, Chauffeur Drive’s employee of the month, Fonzie our YARRA VALLEY WINE DOG, he loves long walks daily, curling up on the couch and corn chips as a treat.

Introducing our YARRA VALLEY’S WINE DOG – Fonzie

What our dog Fonzie loves most is to walk the Yarra Valley wineries, sit and look out at the amazing views and of course sniff out the best Yarra Valley Pinot, and Chardonnay, he loves waiting for deliveries of wine too and gets very excited about when is the next Yarra Valley wine delivery, or when can I get another run around the Yarra Valley vineyards.  Fonzie has met a few wine dogs in his time, although still only nearly 2 he is learning lots and is keen for the next trip out to the Yarra Valley.  You may see our YARRA VALLEY WINE DOG Fonzie soon again sporting a bow tie for the occasion or getting cool in his Hawaiian shirt ready to lay out on the lawn and enjoy the sun, music and vibes of the Yarra Valley wineries over Spring and Summer, look out for him!

Ours is on its way for Fonzie.

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